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Setup special prices via the ERP system

With the integrated ERP system in the Admin panel of your store, you can set a special price for products. The feature is extremely useful for business endeavors in your online store and offers opportunities to promote your products

Setting up special prices via the ERP system

  • Log into your account in the ERP system.
  • Go to the main menu.

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To set a Special price

  1. Select Sales.
    sales module

  2. Select Products > Pricelists.
    price list

  3. Hit the New button.
    new pricelist

  4. Enter a name for the special price you wish to create. Then hit Add a line.

add discount

Select a price computation method from the possible options: 

  • Fixed price - Set the special product price to a fixed amount.
  • Discount - Configure the special price to be formed by defining a percentage discount from the selling price.
  • Formula – Create a pricing formula using Odoo pricing rules.

Select a condition for the new pricing rule: 

  • All products – The special price will be applied to all active products in the system.
  • Product Category – The special price will be applied to a specific category of products.
  • Product – The special price will be applied to a specific product.
  • Product Variant – The special price will be applied to certain product variants.
5. In this case we proceed with a percentage discount: Enter the percentage discount > Set conditions for the discount > Set time of Validity.

pricelist rules

6. Confirm with the Save & Close button (or with Save & New if you wish to proceed with the creation of special prices).

7. Save the settings with the Save Manually.

save manually

Important: The visualization of the changes in the product cards (in this case setting a special price) is updated at a predefined time every day. Therefore, changes that have just been applied may not be updated in the product cards and online store immediately. If you would like your changes to be visible immediately, please contact a NEXT BASKET specialist/account manager.