Sales Overview

Easy and quick overview of sales at any time through the Admin panel of the online store

Just like any business, e-commerce also requires constant attention and involvement in every process.

Through the NEXT BASKET platform, you don’t only manage every step of your online business but also gain a detailed insight into the results of the trading process in your online store.

General Sales Information

The best overview and analysis are possible when you have the data presented most clearly. If you want to review how sales have been moving in your web store, you can do so quite easily.

  1. Log in to your NEXT BASKET profile.
  2. Select the store whose data you wish to overview and analyze.
  3. Click on Dashboard in the main menu. The platform will display grouped data for your online sales, organized into two graphs with several categories each:
  • Total price of the orders
  • Average price of the orders
  • Total amount of orders
  • Total amount of products ordered
sales overview 1

For a better focus, you can exclude a portion of the visualized data by clicking on one of the categories.

sales overview 2

Individual Sales Overview

For an even more focused overview of trading processes and sales, you can do this on your store's Admin panel > Sales > Orders.

There, all orders will be listed, conveniently grouped into several columns providing the necessary information for each purchase from your web store.


If you want to check the status and information of a concrete order, hit its dropdown button for a more expanded view.

sales overview additional