Activate PayPal payment method

An easy and swift way to integrate PayPal for an improved online business

NEXT BASKET offers the option to pay with PayPal in your online stores. This increases trust and convenience for customers by providing a secure and recognized payment method for users worldwide.

1. After you register with PayPal, log into your account and go to the Developer section.

paypal 1

*NOTE: Developer mode will only be active if registration is done as a business account.

2. Click on Developer mode to be redirected to the next page. Choose the Apps & Credentials option.

paypal 2

3. Here, you will see the necessary information for Client ID and Secret.

paypal 3

4. To generate a Webhook ID, click the Create app button.

paypal 4

5. Select Platform and Country of region.

paypal 5

6. Fill in the required information. Press the Add webhook button.

paypal 6

7. Add the following URL: id of your store

paypal 7

8. Mark the Checkout section from Events.

*Note: You can find the tenant ID of your store in the Store>Settings section.

paypal 8

9. After filling in the above information, click the Save button. Generate the Webhook ID.

paypal 9

10. After copying the information for Client ID, Secret, and Webhook ID, go to the administrative panel of your store on the NEXT BASKET platform. In the Apps section, hit Install for the PayPal application.

paypal 10

11. After installing it, place the copied information in the respective fields to activate the application and save the changes.

paypal 11

12. Add PayPal as the desired method of delivery, and it will be activated as a payment method for customers in your store.