Add Attributes

Learn to organize your catalog using attributes common to products

Attributes represent common properties of a specific type of product. For example, your product type could be "men's shoes," but you also need to define sizing for each pair, which is a type of attribute.

Attribute Types and Values

Depending on the types of your products, it makes sense to have different types of attributes designed to fit as many products in your store as possible. Attributes can have the following types and corresponding values:

create attributes 1

Creating an Attribute

Catalog > Attributes

1. Go to Catalog > Attributes and select Create attribute:

add attributes additonal 1

2. Enter the Attribute name. This name is visible only in the Admin Panel.

3. Enter the Website Name. This name is visible only on the webstore.

4. Select the Attribute type from the available options.

5. Enter the respective value(s) for the attribute.

add attributes additonal 2

For attributes with Single Choice and Multiple Choice, go to the Add new value and click the '+' icon.

6. Enter a value. Repeat the process for each additional option you want to add (e.g., entering shoe sizes - 34, 35, 36).

add attributes additonal 3

add attributes additonal 4

7. You can use one or more of the available toggle buttons:

add attributes additonal 5

8. Press Save.

Keep this in mind!

You cannot delete attributes once created, so only add those you will need. You can always add more later.

For Single Choice and Multiple Choice attributes, you cannot edit or remove existing values. You can only add new ones.

Take a look at our video below—it goes hand-in-hand with the step-by-step instructions in this article: