Add photos to your products

In your webstore Admin panel, you can easily add photos to accompany and promote your products

Adding visuals to your products is of high importance in e-commerce since it gives additional value to your selling items and provides your customers with important information about the products.
Using your Admin panel, you can add a multitude of product images to make your products more appealing.

Adding images to new products:

1. On your Admin panel, go to Catalog > Products.
2. Hit the Create Product button.
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3. Under "Create Product", you can add necessary information about your items.
4. Under "Product media", click on the "Click to upload" option.
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Note: The first image will be the main image of your new product.
5. After adding the rest of the product information, hit Save at the upper right part of your Admin panel.

Adding images to existing products

1. In your Admin panel, go to Catalog > Products.
2. Click the edit button on the product you want to add images to.
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3. Under General > Product media, hit the "Click to upload" option and add the product images you need.
4. Finish by hitting the Save button on the top right of your Admin panel.

Take a look at our video below—it goes hand-in-hand with the step-by-step instructions in this article: