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Adding products via the ERP system

Create/Add products to your online store via ERP system

After successful synchronization between the admin panel of your online store with the ERP system, you can quickly and efficiently add products using it, and any newly added product will be automatically reflected in your online store as well.

  1. Log into the ERP system
  2. Hit the main menumain menu
  3. Select Inventoryinventory
  4. Hit Productsproducts-1
  5. Hit the New buttonNew product
  6. Enter the required information for the product you wish to register under General Information.

Mandatory fields:

  • Product name;
  • Product type;
  • Product category.

Enter the product name, selling price, and barcode here. You can also add an image for the product using the corresponding function button.

7.   Confirm with the Save manually buttonSave manually

* After adding a product through the ERP system, it will be automatically reflected in the platform (Admin panel) of your store in NEXT BASKET.

Edit product information via the ERP system

The product information you have already entered can be edited and updated at any time.

To access your product inventory,

  1. Go through the above steps (1-4)
  2. Select the product you want to editselect product
  3. Change the data you want in the relevant fields 
  4. To confirm the newly added information, hit the Save manually button edit headphones