Alert bar

A quick and effective way to notify your clients about important activities in your online store

An alert bar is a powerful tool on an e-shop's homepage that instantly grabs customer attention with important updates, special promotions, and shipping info. By highlighting crucial messages like limited-time discounts or stock alerts, it boosts customer engagement and encourages quick action, all easily configurable via the admin panel.

To activate and personalize the alert bar of your online shop,

  1. In the admin panel’s main menu, go to Marketing.
  2. Hit Alert Bars.
  3. Hit the Create alert.
    alert bars 1
  4. In the Create template tab, enter the necessary information in the designated fields:

Main settings:

  • Template name
  • Display text
    alert bars 2

Eligible pages – use the toggles to determine on which pages the alert bar would appear:

  • All pages
  • Homepage
  • Category pages
  • Product pages
    alert bars 3

Alert bar design – here you can set the text color and select the background color.

alert bars 4

5. To finalize, set the Status to Active.
6. Determine the date-to-date timeframe of the Alert bar or set it to Permanent visibility via the toggle.

7. Confirm the settings with the Save.

alert bars 5