Set a Theme for your webshop

Selecting a Theme and color scheme for your Page is viable because it represents your vision and supports the product placement

In NEXT BASKET's platform, you can choose from a variety of design themes that are available at no cost.

Picking the perfect theme

Under the Admin panel, go to Design > Themes  

Take your time to explore the range of themes provided here. When making your selection, consider the theme that aligns most seamlessly with the products and services you offer.

Remember, it's also a great idea to factor in your brand's identity and the audience you're targeting. Each theme box includes a set of vibrant circles displayed in groups of three at the bottom. These circles represent the primary color combinations associated with the chosen theme.

For instance, if your products are close to interior design and furniture, you'd probably choose something like the "Natural Harmony" theme. Simply click the corresponding "Select" button to proceed.

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Crafting Your Color Scheme

After picking a theme, the next step is to determine the ideal color combination that resonates with your brand's identity and your personal preferences. Review the available color combinations and opt for the one that best reflects your vision.

Finalizing Your Choices

Once you're content with your theme and color scheme selections, navigate to the bottom of the page and click  Select color swatch.

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