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Create Blog article

Easily create and format blog content articles that can be highly beneficial to your online business

Having blog articles on your online store can boost your website traffic. It can also establish industry authority, and cultivate customer engagement, and loyalty.

With NEXT BASKET you can leverage all that by the function of creating and publishing your original blog articles.

How to create a blog article

  1. Log in to your NEXT BASKET account.
  2. Select a store (if you’ve registered more than one under your account).
  3. In the main menu, hit Marketing.
    create blog article 0 additional
  4. Select Blog.
    create blog article 1 additional
  5. Hit Create blog post.
    create blog article 2 additional


General settings for the blog post

  1. Upload an image via the provided prompt (optional).
  2. Add a Title for your blog article.
  3. The URL slug fills automatically as you type the blog article title.
  4. Include an Author (optional).
    create blog articles 4.docx
  5. Add a Short description.
  6. Write (or paste) the content of your blog article. You can easily format and edit the content via the editing toolbar.

To adjust the SEO settings of your blog article, hit the SEO tab and enter the necessary information.

7. If you want your blog article published, switch the Published button to Active.

create blog articles 5.docx

Take a look at our video below—it goes hand-in-hand with the step-by-step instructions in this article: