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Customer sections

At NEXT BASKET, we understand the significance of businesses having a thorough understanding of their customers and possessing consolidated information about each of them.

For this reason, we have developed a dedicated section called "Customers," which gathers useful information and creates customer profiles.

The process

When a customer places an order from your online store, the entered information will automatically be recorded, and as a merchant, you will have access to it.

You can access this information under your Admin panel, go to Customers > Customer list section:

customers section 1


To view specific customer information, click the button under the Actions column.

customers section 1-1

Upon entering a specific customer, you will see information such as:

  • The customer's first and last name
  • The registered email address
  • Shipping address information
  • Customer's company information
  • Customer status (active and whether the email is confirmed)
  • Last used IP for order
  • Registration date
  • Last site visit

Through this section, you can monitor your customers' behavior, which will aid you in achieving better insight into your marketing efforts.