Delete products from your online store

If you're looking to remove products that you no longer offer or want to refresh your online store's inventory, you can easily delete products from your store's management system

The reasons for deleting could vary, but the most important thing is that you bring your customers the best shopping experience. Your admin panel at NEXT BASKET gives you this option in a few simple steps.

Delete  product from your Catalog

  1. Log into your store's Admin panel - Start by logging into the Admin panel of your online store. This is the control center where you manage all aspects of your store, including products.
    delete products 1-1
  2. Access the product management page - In the Admin panel, navigate to CatalogProducts. This is where you can view and manage all the products listed in your online store.

  3. Click on the delete button for the product you want to delete
    delete products 2
  4. After clicking the delete icon, a confirmation message will appear asking you to confirm the deletion. This is an important step to prevent accidental removal. Carefully read the message and confirm the deletion if you're sure you want to remove the product.

    delete products 3
  5. Update Your Store - Once confirmed, the product will be permanently deleted from your online store. Make sure to refresh your store's page to see the changes take effect.

Remember: Deleting a product means it will no longer be visible to your customers. If you have any records or sales associated with this product, they might also be affected. If you're unsure weather to delete or not a product, there's a simple of process of just hiding it.

Also, you can always contact the NEXT BASKET team.