How To Create Discounts

If you want to create promotions for the products in your store, the NEXT BASKET platform provides the option to activate price discounts for more effective trading strategies.

Fixed Discount

To create a fixed discount, you need to select the respective product you want to promote and set the Special price option.

  1. In your store's Admin panel, go to Catalog > Products.
    discounts 1
  2. Click the edit button for the respective product.
    discounts 2
  3. In the product information dashboard, enter the desired Special price in the corresponding field.
    discounts 3
  4. Add a start date and end date for the promotional price.
    discounts 4

Once you set the special price and save the changes to the respective product, a discount label will appear, automatically calculated in percentages.

The second option for creating a discount is via Promo Code

To create a specified code,

1. Go to Marketing > Promotions and discounts > Create Price Rule > Promo code.

discounts 5

2. Fill in the necessary information, and for the promo code, you can use the generator or write one personally created by you.

3. Use to toggle to specify whether the promotional code will be for multiple or single-use.

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4. You also have the option to set a limitation on the promotional code by Category.

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5. The next field is to set the percentage amount of the discount and whether the code applies to already discounted items.

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6. To confirm the changes made and activate the promotion, press the Save button.

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Tip: After creating a promotional code, it's a good idea to place a test order, where you can add the promotional code to test the discount's functionality and ensure it is applied correctly.