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Generating a product catalog for Facebook

NEXT BASKET provides the opportunity to upload your product catalog to Facebook in order to create more effective advertisements

The Facebook product catalog is a feed (data stream) containing information about all selected products, which is dynamically updated.

To set up your product catalog:

  1. Go to the Applications section.
  2. Hit Install on Meta Advantage Products.

product catalog for Facebook 1-1

After installing the application, click the Settings button, where you can choose which products to include in the XML feed—those with availability or without availability. Once you've selected the products, you must set the application status to active using the toggle button.

product catalog for Facebook 2-1

When the feed is generated, it will look like this:

product catalog for Facebook 3-1

The next step in the setup process is to upload your product feed to Facebook.

To do this, you need to have an existing account in Meta Business Suite or create one here.

Once you've registered and logged into your profile to upload the product feed, you need to select the "Overview" section and Commerce Manager from the "burger menu":

продуктов каталог за фейсбук 4

In the window you are redirected to, you will see the "Add catalog" option:

продуктов каталог за фейсбук 5

Choose Ecommerce > Online products.

продуктов каталог за фейсбук 6

продуктов каталог за фейсбук 7

After selecting the type of products you want to upload, you need to paste the feed link itself.

1. Copy the generated link from the NEXT BASKET admin panel and paste it into the following field:

продуктов каталог за фейсбук 8

2. Once you've pasted it, select the currency in which you will be selling. You can also schedule how often the product information updates in the feed:

продуктов каталог за фейсбук 9

The currency you choose should match the one used in your online store for which you are preparing the setup.