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Integration of Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a tool provided by Facebook that allows companies to track user activity on their websites

Facebook Pixel provides companies with information about user behavior after their interaction with Facebook advertising campaigns. This helps them measure the effectiveness of their advertising efforts and optimize their marketing strategies.

Since we at NEXT BASKET understand the importance of knowing your users' behavior, we offer seamless integration with this marketing measurement tool. You can easily start tracking user behavior on your website and their interaction with your Facebook-created marketing campaigns. With the integration provided by us, you don't need any programming knowledge. Just input your pixel ID and press a single button to make the Pixel work.

How you can set it up

You need to have initially registered in Facebook Business Manager at the following address: https://business.facebook.com/.

Once you've created your account, click the Settings button and then the Events Manager.

 Интеграция на Facebook Pixel 1 additional

Select Data Sources and choose Datasets from the left menu.

facebook pixel new 2

Afterwards, hit the Add button in the upper right corner.

Интеграция на Facebook Pixel 3 additional

After clicking the Add button, a pop-up window will appear where you need to create the pixel's name. After entering the name, the ID will be automatically generated.

Once you generate the Pixel ID:

  1. Copy it.
  2. In the Admin panel of your store, go to the Apps section and click the Install button on the Facebook Pixel App button.

facebook pixel 1

Once the application is installed, simply input your Pixel ID and activate the application by setting the toggle to Active, and confirming with the Save button.

facebook pixel 2

You now have your Pixel configured, and it's tracking user behavior on your online store.