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Integration of Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is the new version of the previous Google Universal Analytics

GA4 isn't just an improvement of Universal Analytics. It's an entirely new tool for tracking user behavior on websites and applications.

Instead of measuring "sessions" at the session level like the previous Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 measures "events." Each individual action is an event—there's no distinction between actions and types of events as there was in UA. With GA4, you have access to a greater amount of data about user behavior on your site, and analyses of customer interactions with your business are more detailed and relevant.

NEXT BASKET provides integration with this marketing tool, which is quick and easy.

To prepare the integration, you first need an existing GA4 account and to create a property.

To create a property, go to the Google Analytics section > Admin and create a brand-new property from the corresponding button.

  1. Enter the property name, which will help you identify which one you're working with later (if you have more than one).
  2. Select your location (this will make measurements more accurate) and choose your currency.

Integration with Google Analytics 1


From Advanced options, you can also create a property in Universal Analytics.

This isn't recommended for new Google Analytics users. Enable this option only if you want to create a property in Universal Analytics.

Integration with Google Analytics 2


Once you're done with this part, press the Next button. In this section, you can provide more information about your business. It's not mandatory, but it's good for obtaining more detailed data during measurement.

Integration with Google Analytics 3


Once you're ready, press the Create button at the bottom of the page to create your property.

In the next step, select Web, as your website is considered a web application.

Integration with Google Analytics 4


Then configure your web stream by entering your domain name and stream name:

Интеграция с Google Analytics 5 additional


Activate enhanced measurement from the blue button. Enhanced measurement allows you to measure interactions with your content by enabling events. Click the settings button to add more events to be measured.

Интеграция с Google Analytics 6 additional

Integration with Google Analytics 7

You can also disable certain measurement options. Page View is an event that is automatically collected and cannot be turned off.

When you're done with the settings, simply create the stream from the corresponding button. In the next window, you will see the Measurement ID, which you need to copy and paste into your store's back office.

Integration with Google Analytics 8


After copying the mentioned ID, go to the Applications > Google Analytics section and click the Install button:

Integration with Google Analytics 9-1


Once the application is installed in your store's back office, in place of the Google tracking code, paste the copied ID, set the application status to Active and click the Save button.

Now you have GA4 set up, and it starts collecting data.