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KWIK Integration

An easy installation of the delivery service KWIK

Incorporating KWIK as a delivery option elevates your online shop by offering speed and convenience, directly enhancing customer satisfaction and a competitive edge.

Before installing KWIK as a provider to your online shop’s admin panel, you should create your KWIK account and receive credentials before the installation.

  1. Log in to your store’s admin panel go to Store -> Sender Addresses and enter the necessary information. (For Nigeria we need an NG sender phone [+23]
     KWIK 1

    KWIK 2

    KWIK 1.1


2. Then, go to Apps > Kwik > Click Install.

Then click Settings.

3. Enter your KWIK credentials and hit Save.


4. After connecting, select the Sender Address you will use to enable the Ships to Address (KWIK does not support Ships to Office).
Set it to Active.
Click Save.

5. After that go to Store -> Shipping Methods -> Add Shipping Methods
Enter the names you want to use for KWIK and add KWIK as a courier. Following, select what payment method the customer can use for KWIK.
After that click Save.



6. After that go to Store -> Shipping Methods -> Shipping Zones -> Add Shipping Zones
Select the country you want KWIK to be available.  
Following, choose KWIK in the shipping method.
Click Save.

What KWIK looks like on the Storefront
After that customers are now able to use Kwik as a shipping method in the Storefront.


How to Generate a Transaction ID or to send the orders to KWIK
after customer orders using KWIK as a shipping provider.

Shop owners should go to the store’s admin panel, and hit Sales > Orders > Click the Eye Icon for the given order (Action Button)

Click the Create Bill of Lading / Generate Waybill button to generate a transaction ID.

After generating a transaction ID, the KWIK portal will get the order.


Notes (Will be enhanced in the future):
Always remind that Customer needs to use +23 mobile phone # else the generation of transaction ID will fail

Always remember to use +23 in the sender address phone # else the generation of transaction ID will not be successful.