Orders overview in the NEXT BASKET Platform

When creating an order in your online store, it becomes visible in the back office of your store as well

Order management is a crucial part of running your online business. For a successful e-commerce, it's essential to have complete control over sales and, consequently, orders placed through your store.

NEXT BASKET provides such an opportunity by organizing and grouping all completed orders in a separate section of the store's back office.

This makes order management easy and organized. Through the NEXT BASKET platform, you can easily track various order information, such as ordered items, the customer who placed them, the email from which they were ordered, and more.

To track orders, you need to access the menu on the left of your Admin panel:

Sales > Orders:

Orders overview in the NEXT BASKET Platform 1

As you can see, in this section, all orders will be listed. Each order has its own unique code, customer name, phone number, delivery address, order date, order status, payment status, payment method, generated invoice number (if applicable), and total order amount.

Order Details

To view the details of an order, you need to click the Actions button under the Actions column for a given product and thereby access the detailed page of the respective order:

Orders overview in the NEXT BASKET Platform 2-1

On the detailed order page, you can see the same information as in the order list but with more details.

If you believe the order is ready to be shipped to the end customer, you can click the Generate Waybill button, and an invoice will be automatically generated in PDF format and downloaded locally to your device.

Orders overview additional

You can now effectively manage your orders within your online store!


Take a look at our video below—it goes hand-in-hand with the step-by-step instructions in this article: