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Managing System email notifications

Quick setup of system email notifications for effective communication with online store customers

Customizing the email notifications sent to customers is an incredibly important aspect of the user experience when completing an order.

The NEXT BASKET platform offers the ability to create templates that can be sent to customers and your administrators, fully tailored to your preferences.

Configuring your email notifications

At the bottom left of your Admin panel's main menu, you need to access the Store  > Email management:

Managing System email notifications 1

One of the key settings here is that you can enable or disable templates of your choice. So, if you do not wish to receive any of the system emails, you can deactivate them with the toggle for the given email template.

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If you want to edit the email templates, click the edit button.

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The HTML template, which is the actual content of the email, will load after a few seconds.

On the right side of the screen, you will notice a field with elements that you can add (edit menu). By using the "drag and drop" function, you can drag the desired element and place it in the template where you prefer.

In the edit menu, you will see various options that can be added - columns, headings, text, images, buttons, etc. Based on them, you can construct your template entirely according to your choice.

 Managing System email notifications edit

The email template settings allow you to send personalized emails with dynamic (up-to-date) information for each order.

When you add a variable to a specific email template, it will automatically include the corresponding information for that order in the email.

For example:

If a variable for the barcode {barcode} is added to the "New Order" template, the barcodes of the products ordered through that order will be visible in the email received by the customer.

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This way, variables provide information for a specific order without requiring manual editing of the template.

*Variables can only be added using a text module and the following braces "{ }". e.g., {barcode}. Управление на системните и-мейл известия 2 additional