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Personalized Labels

With the NEXT BASKET platform, you can add personalized labels to your products, allowing you to implement various marketing strategies for selling your items.

Using the NEXT BASKET platform, you can create personalized product labels that can be set at either a category level or on individual products.

To create a new label, go to the Catalog > Labels > Create new label

custom labels 1

Once you click the button to create a label, enter a name and select the type of label you wish to create, then confirm with the Save button.

custom labels 2

The name is used internally and will not be visible on the customer side of the store. The label type depends on the intended purpose.

There are three types of labels available:

  • New
  • Discounted special price
  • Custom label

Labels of Type "NEW"

When this label type is enabled, it cannot be personalized or changed. Newly uploaded products in the store will automatically be marked with the "New" label, and you can change the display position and the time during which this label remains active.

custom labels 3

Labels of Type "Discounted"

When this type of label is enabled, it cannot be personalized or changed. This label applies only to products with a special price.

custom labels 4

Labels of Type "Custom label"

The customer has the opportunity to add their own image, which will be visible as a label on the products themselves. The label can be added at the category level, to individual products, or to all products uploaded in the store:

custom labels 5


Note: Recommended image size: 200x50px

Depending on the label's priority, it will be displayed "higher up" if other active labels are also present.

After adding the image, you can set the position where the label will be visible on the product card and the corresponding image on the detailed page

Creating labels is a useful feature that helps with store marketing and can drastically increase sales if used correctly. 

custom labels 6