Preorder products

Offering pre-orders allows you to gauge customer interest and secure sales before a product officially launches, helping to boost initial product momentum and manage inventory effectively.

In the NEXT BASKET platform, the Pre-order feature offers you the option to sell your products even when they’re out of stock at the moment, informing your clients of the delivery date.

How to Set Up Preorders in Your Online Shop

  1. Log in to your store’s admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Catalog.
    Preorder products 1.docx
  3. Select Products.
    Preorder products 2.docx
  4. Navigate to the out-of-stock product and hit its edit button.
    Preorder products 3.docx
  5. Activate the Preorder feature via the toggle button and set a Preorder limit and an Expected in-stock date.
    Preorder products 4.docx
  6. Confirm the settings via the Save button.
    Preorder products 5.docx