Set up a Stripe payment method

Set a Stripe payment method for fast and secure online payments for your e-commerce business

To set up a Stripe payment method on the NEXT BASKET platform, you first need to create your Stripe account, from where you can get the following values: Secret key, Public key, Webhook Secret.

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To access the Secret key and Publishable key information, you need to log into the Developers section of your Stripe account and select the API keys option:

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From there, you can get the values for the two keys needed to set up the payment method.

To find information about the Webhook Secret, go to the Webhooks section, where under Hosted endpoints, there is a URL that you should click on:

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1. Click on the URL.
2. On the next page, in the Signing secret section, click the Reveal button.
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3. Set the password that you use to log into your Stripe account:

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Once you're logged in, you'll see your Webhook secret:

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After accessing the information described in the previous steps, you need to copy it and log in to your NEXT BASKET Admin Panel.

1. Under your Admin panel, go to  Apps. To install the Stripe app, hit Install, and then Settings

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2. Paste the copied information into the appropriate fields. To activate the settings, change the Status to Active and hit Save.

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