Set Up a Welcome Greeting

Learn how to enhance your online store's customer experience by setting a personalized welcome greeting through your admin panel, making every visitor feel acknowledged from the moment they arrive.

To set up your unique welcome greeting,

  1. Log into the admin panel of your online store.
  2. Navigate to Store.
    welcome greeting 1
  3. Select Settings.
    welcome greeting 2.docx
  4. Open the Welcome Greeting tab - This section allows you to manage and customize the welcome message displayed on your store's homepage.
    welcome greeting 3.docx
  5. In the Welcome Greeting tab, you will find a text box where you can enter the message you want to display.
  6. After entering and formatting your welcome greeting, make sure to save your changes with the Save.
    welcome greeting 4


Tips for an Effective Welcome Greeting:

  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Make sure it aligns with your brand’s voice.

Consider including a call-to-action, like inviting customers to check out a new product or sale.