Setting up the Catalog

Arranging your product catalog is an essential part of your e-commerce business. With the NEXT BASKET platform, you can do this easily and quickly

Set up your product catalog

To explore the various options in the Catalog section of your products, go to the Catalog section in your admin panel's main menu.

Setting up the Catalog 1

All the products you offer your customers in your online store will be listed there with their specifics arranged in designated columns.

These include:

  • (product) Image
  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Actions - containing buttons for editing, deleting, or viewing the respective product
  • etc.

You can move the columns to a different position by sliding them left and right in the Catalog table.

Setting up the Catalog 2

The Catalog section also provides: defining the visibility of items currently out of stock and applying VAT at a global level, i.e., for every product in your entire catalog.

Tip: If there are products subject to different VAT rates, you can configure them through the respective product's configuration.