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Switching between shops

In NEXT BASKET, you are able to create more than one shop for your online business. This way you can seamlessly navigate through more than one online admin panel, in case you've got different businesses with respectfully different needs.

Keeping track of your online stores

Having multiple online stores under one email address is easy.
In case you've already created more than one online shop, there will be a separate Admin panel for each one of them.

To switch between your online stores,

1. Go to the Select your shop switcher at the upper left.
switching between shops 1
2. From the dropdown, under Companies, select your company (if it's more than one) You can type in the name or just scroll to find it if the list is long.
switching between shops 2
3. When you select your company, the online shops referring to it will display. Choose the one that you need at the moment.
switching between shops 3