Theme Builder

Intuitive and Easy Customization of Your Online Store's Visual Layout

The NEXT BASKET platform allows you to quickly and easily optimize and customize your online store's appearance through the admin panel.

Customizing your online store's homepage can significantly enhance the user experience. With the Theme builder, you can easily rearrange banners and categories, manage the visibility of lists and product displays to achieve an optimal layout, and improve your business efficiency.

Theme builder

To access the Theme builder feature:

  1. In the admin panel main menu, go to Design.
  2. Select Theme builder.
theme builder 1

The theme control dashboard for your online store will appear.

It will contain all the created slots with banners and sections featuring the products from your online store. The management bar holds all the features and commands you need to make changes to your store's homepage.

theme builder 2

Moving Banners

Moving the position of banners already uploaded to your store is straightforward:

  1. Click on the bar of the desired banner.
  2. A button to move the banner bar will appear.
    theme builder 3
  3. Press and hold the move button, then drag the selected banner bar to the desired position (up or down in the list).
    theme builder 4
  4. To save the changes, click the Save button.

Hiding Banners

With the Theme builder, you can easily hide a specific banner from the homepage of your online store:

  1. Go to Design > Theme builder.
  2. Click the layer management icon (Layer Manager).
    theme builder 5
  3. A bar will appear containing a list of all the banners visible on your store's homepage.
  4. To hide a list of banners from the store's homepage, click the "eye" icon. To make it visible again, click the icon once more.
    theme builder 6
  5. Click the Save button to confirm the changes.