Update the Slogan and SEO Settings

The presence of a slogan and SEO settings can greatly benefit your web store

In this article, we'll walk you through some settings that primarily impact the visibility and SEO of your web store in the online space.

A slogan for your web store

A slogan is a brief and memorable phrase that captures the essence of the brand, product, or idea. Often, it's the slogan that makes a brand popular.

Add a slogan sentence for your web store.

Go to Store > Settings and in the "Slogan" field, enter the text you want to present the essence of your brand. The recommended length for a slogan is 150 characters.

In the SEO settings section, input the Title of your web store. The recommended length is 70 characters.

Enter a meta description for your online store. In the bottom left corner of the page, you'll find the "Preview" field where changes are dynamically reflected as you add the title and description of your web store.

Click Save in the bottom right corner of the page to confirm the changes. That's it. Any update you've added becomes immediately visible on your web store.