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Vendor and customer management in ERP

Effective vendor and customer management is critical to the smooth running of any online business. This article provides a comprehensive step-by-step description of creating business contacts in the ERP system.

Creating a business contact

The ERP system provides flexibility by allowing a contact to serve as both a customer and a vendor. This is particularly useful when working with contractors who can fulfill both roles simultaneously.

  1. Select the Contacts. 1_EN
  2. Click the New button to initiate the creation of a new business contact. 2_EN
  3. Select the contact type depending on the nature of the transactions:
  • Individual: Ideal for individuals, such as customers placing individual orders. 3_EN
  • Company: Suitable for legal entities that require additional details such as a VAT number. 4_EN
4.    Fill in the details of the business customer. 
5.    Click the Save manually button to complete the process. 5_EN

Note: Any details entered on the contact form will also be displayed on the sales invoice.

It is recommended that the vendor is pre-created for instances where a purchase order needs to be processed so that legal information (VAT, company address, etc) is conveniently pre-entered. The contact can also be created at the time of order creation. create and edit_EN

By following these instructions, partners can effectively manage vendors and customers within the ERP system. The ability to create dual-function business contacts adds a level of flexibility that addresses the dynamic nature of business relationships in online commerce