Your Admin Panel

Quick and reliable access to every important feature of your online store

Your Admin panel is the "command center" from which you can have full control over your products, sales, promotions, and other settings and information for your online store.

your dashboard 1

  • Select your shop from the upper left corner of your Admin panel.
  • From the dropdown menu, click the shop name you want to view (in case there is more than one).
  • On the left, you will see all the store components you want to manage, including Sales, Catalog, Customers, and Reports, plus expansions like Marketing, Design, Content, and Apps.
your dashboard 2

Under "Operations"

  • Hit Sales to view your sales status, orders, and progress.
  • Hit Catalog to view your Products, Categories, Attributes, Product types, Labels, etc.
  • Hit Customers - you can review any customer lists and groups if you have created such.

Under "Expansion" you can view a few categories, including:

  • Marketing (promotions and discounts information, SEO).
  • Design (control over your store visuals like theme, banners, widgets, header, footer, etc.).
  • Content(access to every content page you have created).
  • Apps(enable or disable any apps and third parties you have connected to your business, including payment system providers, and delivery companies).

  Setup category

  • Store - here you can manage the general settings of your store like store name, storefront name, payment settings, contacts location, shipping methods and zones,  logo, social media contacts, etc.
  • Business gives you access to your settings for listed companies, shops, user management and roles in your company.

Visit your store

To visit your store, hit the store icon on the upper part of your admin Admin panel.and you ill be redirected to your e-store.
your dashboard 3