Configure Footer

Configure the appearance of the Footer on your webstore

"Footer" is the bottom section of a website that typically contains important information such as copyright notices, contact details, terms and conditions, payment methods, and more.

Design > Footer

Once you've created your online store, you can configure its footer. In the Admin panel, go to Design > Footer.

configure footer 1 additional

Initially, the footer of your newly created web store is empty. It contains a few default columns, but there are no links associated with them yet.

With each footer column, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Change the column name: Click the edit button and enter your preferred column name.
  2. Add or remove links in the footer.
  3. Change the arrangement of links in the footer.
  4. Add or remove Content pages.

Adding Content pages to the footer

Design > Footer

Note: You must create static(content) pages in order to display them on the screen and in the footer. All you need to know about creating a Static(Content) page.

On the Create your footer tab, you can see your created static pages in the "Available static pages" field. Select a link and drag it to the desired section.

configure footer additional 2-1

Click Save to publish the changes to the footer.

configure footer additional 3

Take a look at our video below—it goes hand-in-hand with the step-by-step instructions in this article: