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Integration of Facebook CAPI

NEXT BASKET provides the opportunity for a quick and easy implementation of the Facebook Conversions API (CAPI) because we understand how important it is for merchants to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

What is Facebook Conversions API

Facebook CAPI is a tool that allows marketing and advertising platforms to share data about events and conversions with Facebook without using the user's browser.

This Application Programming Interface (API) is extremely useful for marketing professionals and advertising agencies who want to track and optimize advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. It helps especially when using different devices or when dealing with advertising events that cannot be easily captured by user browsers.

How to set up Conversions API:

To set up CAPI, you need to have an active Facebook Pixel for your domain in advance. Learn more about setting up a Facebook Pixel.

Once you have set up your Pixel, go to the created Pixel and click the Open events manager button in the upper right corner.

Click the Settings button and select the Generate access token option.

Интеграция на Facebook CAPI 1 additional

After selecting the above option, an access token will be generated, which you should copy.

Интеграция на Facebook CAPI 2 additional

Place the copied token in the Admin panel of your store by following these steps:

1. Install the Facebook CAPI application through the Admin panel of your online store. It can be installed in the Applications section of the main menu.

Facebook CAPI EN 3

2. After installing the application, you need to paste the copied token from your Events Manager and activate the status, then click the Save button.

Facebook CAPI EN 4

After this setup, you have successfully configured the Facebook Conversions API.