Set up Apple Pay payment method

Offer your customers a seamless and secure payment option by integrating Apple Pay with your NEXT BASKET online store

Create or Log Into Your Stripe Account:
  1. Access your Stripe dashboard to configure Apple Pay.
  2. From your account’s main menu, select 'Settings'.
  3. Navigate to 'Payments' and choose 'Payment methods'. image (2)
  4. In the 'Payment methods', activate Apple Pay by pressing the 'Turn on' button. image (3)
  5. Domain Verification:

Once you've enabled the Apple Pay payment method, click "Configure domains" and enter your domain name (for example, You don't need to upload a verification file - just add your domain to confirm it. image (5) image (4)

To learn more about setting up Stripe payment method, check our dedicated article.

Note: Apple Pay is supported exclusively on Safari and is visible to customers using compatible Apple devices.

If a customer does not see the Apple Pay button while using Safari on a compatible device, they should check whether a payment card is linked to their Apple Wallet.