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Change store ownership

An easy and effective way to manage your online store's ownership for even more convenient management

As we have mentioned in previous articles, you can create different Roles necessary for our store management organization.
This is an important management activity, that can help processes in your online business and improve e-commerce.

You can also change the ownership of your online store to whomever you want to.

To give the status "Owner" to someone else from your team,
1. Go to your store.
2. Under the Admin panel, go to Business > Roles.
Change store ownership 1 EN
3. To select one of the existing roles, hit the edit button next to it.
Change store ownership 2 EN
4. Under Edit role, you can change the role's title and also give full or partial access to the functions listed in the right area.
Change store ownership 3 EN
5. To confirm the latest changes hit Save.